Creators of outdoor & indoor moments

In search of elegant lighting choices for both indoor and outdoor spaces? Your search ends here with Newgarden Lighting Solutions. Explore a diverse range of options to enhance your home, garden, or business. Unveil the finest designs from Newgarden, featuring floor lamps, basic lamps, pendants, and table lamps - all just a click away, ready to illuminate your space with brilliance.

"Light is the first element of design, without it, there is no colour, shape or texture. Light is the magic ingredient that makes or modifies a space. We are, therefore, facing one of the most important elements for the creation of memories and experiences." Thomas E. Farin & Benjamin Noriega

Nature Lovers

All our products are 100% recyclable and have a long life span, helping ti reduce waste and promoting responsible consumption. For every lamp in the Greta or Gretita collection that have make, we help to give a seconf life to plastics collected from seas and oceans.


Natural fibres as hempor bamboo are widely represented in our collection. Being handmade, they are able to transport us to nature and to the mediterranean just by looking at them.

Think local

We collaborate with specialised local producers withing their regions - this helps their economies growth and supports infrastructures development.

Sun is our energy

The power of the sun is unimaginable. It is capable of generating life, inspiring our personality or changing our state of mind in seconds. At Newgarden, we know about its power. That is why, since our beginnings, its energy has been protagonist in our products. This is why we have ensured that the majority of our designs are available with a solar option.

We recycle, we reuse, we reduce

Nature is our mother, and we love her as if she were our mother. Newgarden works every day to improve all our processes in order to protect and care for our environmenet. We are not content just with all of our products being recyclable so we have designed several collections of lamps made exclusively from recycled material.